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Such a good mail day yesterday. Had to wait for good morning light to show you this rainbow dk by @ayarnlovingmama ❤💛💚💜💗🍃it’s sooooo beautiful, Tanya!!! Thank you for your lovely work. #yarn #yayforyarn #yummy #grateful #rainbow #knitlife #knitttingtribe #knittribe #yarnlove

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I’ll sometimes call myself such in a self-deprecating manner, but even before I started knitting everyone already said I act older than my age so it’s just an extension of that.

it bugs me a LOT.

i once saw someone argue that objecting to it was insulting to old ladies, but i think it’s just the opposite. in practice, it’s almost always used in a deprecating way, and it also carries the implication that old ladies can only do old-lady things; that it’s weird and silly for anyone else to do a thing that old ladies do.

it also bugs me because i’m a guy. i think at this point we’re all aware of the feminist theory that feminization-of-men-as-an-insult springs from misogyny. erasing or deprecating men in a traditionally-female field — for instance, always saying ‘male nurse’ to point up the assumption that nurses are women and doctors are men — is also sexist. so equating ‘knitter’ with ‘old lady’, by contradicting the existence of male knitters, hits us with a double whammy there.

on top of that, it ignores most of history. knitting being an ‘old lady thing’ is really recent, historically speaking.

oh yeah, and it’s not even accurate. granted, this is anecdotal, but — i mostly saw retired women knitting when i was a kid, but i’m over 40. it’s been 20 years since i saw more old women knitting than young and middle aged women, and in the past 10 years men have gone from almost zero to about a quarter of the blogs, designers, and the actual knitters i know in person.

tl;dr can you guys stop it please, it’s like 2% cute and 98% annoying.

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Knitted Flap Cap for my Father - Cologne, April 2014

My table is a battlefield, but I think it was worth it. 
I used this wonderful pattern: Mikey-Cap and well, for every difficulties I had was only my lack of thinking ahead to blame.
I just hope he’ll like it and that it’ll fit.

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Here’s my finished Pattern hat! I’m really happy with how it came out not just as fanart but as a hat in general (and I said I didn’t need any more hats…).

I changed the chart sightly from the original version I posted, so here is the final version (it doesn’t include instructions for the flared brim or picot hem though, just the colorwork). 

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Pin Up Girls; Jessica & Sailor Girl by KnitterBees

"I’m not bad, I’m just knit that way."


And blocking! From skein and beads to blocking. I want to knit more shawls. I’ll block it differently when I get home, but for now it looks great. So many lovely details. 8) (@ ravelry)

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Projects getting finished up. The knitters are knitting away.

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A few more pictures of the Bat Shawl. 

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After charting out three different crowns for this hat, I still can’t decide.


Finished the first of my gloves based on the MU of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

This knit up really quick, as are a lot of things I’m making these days, because I am beyond stressed. If I were to do it again (which I have to, because you need two gloves) there are a number of things I’d change:

1. I adapted a knitting pattern that knits top-down, which means you make the fingers, join them together, and then knit the rest. That’s stupid. That’s a stupid way to do it.

2. Because the fingers are fair-isle, they’re quite tight. I might do duplicate stitch  - it could also mean fewer ends to weave in (it took me an hour to finish all the ends) and it might not be as bulky. Not sure. 

3. There’s some gapping in the yellow triangles, I think both from the fair isle pulling and from being stretched during top-down construction. Duplicate stitch might solve this problem too.

However, there are also some things I’m really pleased about. The purple stripes were a technique I came up with just by fucking around with yarn - it’s a single purl stitch done in intarsia for each one. It meant I had to juggle four bobbins, which was tough, but the end product was raised like two-color ribbing. That’s real neat. I also think I got the colors as close as possible to what I wanted.

A problem I run into with gloves/mittens is that I’ll come up with things I want to fix while knitting the first one, but if I do that on the second then they’ll look different…I might end up making three of these. After all, this one only took me a day or so.